Short term memory lifehack with a clipboard manager

Your clipboard can hold your short term memory much longer than your brain. Here’s a crazy idea: why not use your clipboard as a short term memory aid.

Every so often you need to remember a short piece of information for a very short time. For example: somebody dictates a phone number or an address over a telephone conversation and you don’t have a pencil handy. You’re caught completely off guard, but here’s a tip: you’re only a CMD+Space away from an input field. Just type in what you need to remember, then you do a CMD+A followed by CMD+C to select all and copy it into your clipboard. Your thought is now safely stored, and only a CMD+V away – at least until you overwrite it with something else.

To bring that to the next level, you should get yourself a clipboard manager (I use Alfred). It will preserve your clipboard history and you’ll be able to dig up your recent thoughts in no time at all.