More about me

I’m a generalist full stack software developer with special interest in scaling web technologies, test driven development, tooling, devops practices and agile workflows.

My current skills:

  • Code: JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, Swift, Bash, SASS
  • Technologies: NestJS, Django, Loopback, Mongo, Kafka, Postgres, Nginx, Chef, Docker, Redis
  • Services/platforms: AWS, Ubuntu Server, CircleCI
  • Languages: English, Slovenian, Croatian

I started programming when I was 11, using BASIC on the Commodore 64. At that age playing computer games was fun, but actually coding the games myself – well that was just a blast. Having a brother who was as eager to learn and discuss coding, kind of meant I got to be in a team of developers even before I finished primary school. Even before the Internet took off, I was immersed in the international demoscene culture, running my own BBS and connecting with minds alike worldwide.

Fast forward to now and I’m a software developer / architect with experiences ranging from the bits of bytes of 8-bit computers to developing modern web applications and designing and maintaining the accompanying tech stacks.

I’m an avid reader and learner, I like to socialize and participate in developer communities and I strive to live a healthy life (good food, sports, meditation).
I consider myself to be:

  • Test driven and developer friendly when writing code
  • Lean and data driven when making decisions
  • Purpose driven when learning new things

I’m also a fortunate and proud father of two (Tadej and Andraž) and a husband to my wonderful partner in life Liljana.

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