I’m a software developer and architect with experience ranging from the bits and bytes of embedded engineering, to the point-and-clicks of a rich web experience. For the past few years I’ve been helping run a business as a CTO and a lead developer of a local company Intera. I’m also a part time web developer for the national broadcast agency RTV Slovenia. In the summer of 2011 I co-founded and helped build a food specialized Groupon clone Pohrust.si. My colleagues and I aimed to disrupt the local group shopping (dining!) scene and to learn a little something about running a business in advertising. Learn we did, disrupt not so much. In april 2014 we launched a new product, called Omisli.si, a promising lead generation platform.

My interests include business development, Agile principles of software development, using and advocating open source, the devops philosophy, release management, configuration management, Django and python in general, constantly discovering new content and ideas, and meeting new, interesting people.

My the most excellent project is being the father of my two sons Andraž and Tadej, whose ever-entropy-increasing ambitions I try to curb (fruitlessly) with the help of my beautiful wife Liljana.

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